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Saturday, 02 January 2010 02:10

Rechic Kids, formerly My Cutie Patootie,offers two ways to recycle, re-purpose and re-share your pre-loved children's clothing and equipment. We take consignment or we will purchase your items outright for cash. Here is how it works...

sell or consign

In order for us to accept your pre-loved items, all clothes should be:

  • less than 5 years old - newborn through size 12
  • free of spots, tears and missing buttons
  • freshly laundered within the past 3 weeks
  • hanger ready (laid flat) or on hangers, if you keep them that way
  • equipment must not be on any recall lists



Consignment is selling YOUR gently used children's items in OUR store and this is the method to make the most for your pre-loved things.  You bring them in ready to sell and we place them on our hangers, tag them and offer them for sale in our store for up to 90 days.  Boutique, Designer and Brandname items are placed on our solid wood cherry hangers and featured on our main floor.  If you have less than 20 items, any electronic toys, any nursery decor items or crib bedding sets, we cannot offer the cash or store credit option, but we will evaluate them for consignment in our shop.



Some folks do not want to wait for their items to sell and prefer quick cash.  You will not receive as much for selling outright, but you'll get it very quickly.

If you have MORE THAN 20 ACCEPTABLE ITEMS, you have the option to receive a cash or store credit offer.  Sorry, but if you have less than 20 items or  any electronic toys, any nursery decor items or crib bedding sets, we can only offer the consignment option, above.

When you bring your items in, we put them into our special computer database and it calculates a "Total Cash Offer" for all your items in bulk.  (We never break your offer down by item.)  You can choose to take cash on the spot or in-store credit that allows for 15% extra added of your store credit when you purchase more great merchandise in either Rechic Kids, formerly My Cutie Patootie, or at ReChic, our women's consignment on the first floor.  Then you can truly recycle and select some great new items for your own growing cutie patootie.  (Because of the time it takes to truly evaluate your items, it is usually best to drop them off and give us a little time to give you the best quote for your cash offer.  Appointments are not necessary, so just bring them buy anytime we are open!)


We appreciate your business and our goal is to bring you the most income for your consigned items. The following is a brief description of our current consignment policies:

  • Consignor will receive 40% of the final selling price...
  • PLUS GET AN EXTRA 15% when you use your earnings to purchase items at either Rechic Kids, formerly My Cutie Patootie, or at ReChic women's consignment:
    • Boutique, Designer and Brandname Label Children's Clothing (see list at Brands We Accept)
    • Department and Discount Store Label Children’s Clothing (see list at Brands We Accept)
  • We set the price on all items (usually 33-50% of retail), but in some cases may negotiate the final selling price to close a sale.
  • Items will be kept for 90 days or until the end of the current clothing season on the Sales Floor.
  • After 30 Days items may be discounted and will continue mark-downs until sold.
  • Items are sold seasonally.  Out-of-season items, stained items or items in unacceptable condition (otherwise known as ‘No Thank Yous’) will automatically be donated. We accept by this schedule:

........ SPRING & SUMMER CLOTHING: January 1 until April 30

........ FALL & WINTER CLOTHING:  June 1 until October 31

........ HOLIDAY CLOTHING: August 15 until October 31

........ LIMITED EQUIPMENT ITEMS: Year-round

  • MARK YOUR CALENDAR, if you choose to PICK-UP your unsold consigned items, as they must be picked up within 10 Days o:
    • February 20 for Fall/Winter consignment
    • August 20 for Spring/Summer consignme
  • ReChic employees cannot pull your items off the racks, but if you come in to locate your unsold items, we can assist if we have an available employee not otherwise working with customers.
  • After these dates, at end of the selling season, they will become the property of Rechic, at which time we have to option to donate to a charity of our choosing or retain as store inventory.
  • Income from items sold may be picked up (or spent in-store to receive an extra 15%) any time during regular business hours.
  • ReChic will not be responsible for any item stolen, lost or damaged while on store premises.
  • All accounts that are inactive for more than 9 months will be closed and all unclaimed sale income will be automatically deleted.




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